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SDRCC planning to update the code

The Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) is looking to review the Canadian Sport Dispute Resolution Code, or “the code,” before new anti-doping rules take effect in the coming months.

The SDRCC is a federal initiative that provides alternative and fair routes to conflict resolution in the sporting community. The organization provides arbitration and facilitation to help sporting communities overcome conflicts without going to court, which can be lengthy and expensive. They also publish the code, which is a set of regulations and procedures to be followed by parties when they look to the SDRCC for resolution of disputes that arise.

The organization is looking to the sport and legal communities for input on the current code, which came into effect February 2011, and suggestions for changes leading into the new fiscal year. It is looking for comments and suggestions on how the code can be improved.

Anyone interested in submitting comments can contact Marie-Claude Asselin at code@crdsc-sdrcc.ca before March 31.