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Shimano launches new gravel apparel collection

Performance, fit, and comfort tailored for whatever length ride you’re heading out on

Shimano launches new gravel apparel collection

Shimano’s new gravel apparel is designed for day-long adventures, relaxed off-road rides, and enjoyable singletrack trails. It’s made with high-quality materials and designed to be comfortable and effective.

Three different lines cater to various riders and styles, with specific designs for women. Every item in the gravel cycling collection provides the comfort, fit, and features necessary for tackling off-road adventures, no matter the destination.

Evolve Corsa and Women’s Evolve Corsa

Shimano’s Evolve Corsa gravel cycling apparel includes jerseys and bib shorts designed for practical use. Made from strong, breathable materials, it’s good for both races and long rides.


Evolve Corsa and Women’s bibs, $260
Evolve Corsa and Women’s jersey, $230

Evolve Terra and Women’s Evolve Terra

Shimano’s Evolve Terra gravel cycling apparel offers a blend of casual style and performance features. From cargo shorts to t-shirt-style jerseys and breathable bib liners, it’s perfect for long gravel rides, off-road adventures, or singletrack sessions.

Men’s and Women’s Evolve Terra cargo shorts, $140
Men’s Women’s Evolve Terra short sleeve jersey, $110
Men’s and Women’s Evolve Terra bib liner, $110

Evolve Avventura and Women’s Avventura

Shimano’s Avventura line of gravel cycling apparel is practical and versatile. Suitable for off-road rides and singletrack, Evolve Avventura is comfortable for long periods and built to last.

Evolve Avventura and Women’s Avventura jersey, $125

Visit ride.shimano.com or ridecanada.shimano.com today to check out the collection,