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Shimano releases limited edition shoe and pedal combo to commemorate 25 years of SPD tech

To mark 25 years of Shimano's clipless SPD technology, the brand has released a limited-edition shoe and pedal combination for aggressive trail riding.


To mark 25 years of Shimano’s SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) technology, the brand has released a limited-edition shoe and pedal combination for aggressive trail riding. Its new SH-M200 Blue shoe, part of the M200 line of Enduro trail footwear, is matched with the blue PD-M990 XC and PD-995 trail pedals, and commemorates a moment in shoe and pedal design, the company says, that made off-road riding — not to mention racing — much more feasible in the early 1990s.

Before then, the dearth of available gear for off-road cyclists made the era something of a dark age — especially in terms of apparel like footwear. The introduction of SPD technology in 1990 was a turning point that put Shimano at the vanguard.

The new limited-edition SH-M200B — for “blue” — shoe is designed to blend pedaling efficiency and power with added protection for riders, using a Torbal sole intended to be stiff while pedaling, but flexible enough when hiking a bike is needed. It allows ease in attacking trail climbs and plunging through downhill descents. Lightweight and durable, the SH-M200B’s design provides the grip and armour needed on the trail, with features that include a speed-lacing system, protective assymetrical ankle collar, and an armored lace and toe shield. Along with these features, a high-grip arch pad fixed to the outsole and carbon-fiber reinforced midsole provide additional foot support, with a heel-stabilizing base.


Also blue, Shimano’s new PD-M990 XC pedal and PD-M995 trail pedal are descendents from the original M737 pedal and cleat, introduced 25 years ago, which became an industry standard in foot retention systems. Following that form, the new pedals feature a wide pedal-to-shoe contact platform, allowing improved stability and control, as well as more space inside the pedal itself to shake off mud and debris accumulated on the trail thanks to a slimmer central spindle. The PD-M990 and PD-M995 weigh 310g and 379g, respectively.

These products will be available in-store on a limited basis starting August 15.