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Should men draft women they don’t know on a bike path? (Spoiler: The answer is no)

Some female riders are saying it makes them uncomfortable

There are many new cyclists out there these days. Many are learning about the dos and don’ts of riding. Etiquette is often learned by word of mouth, but there’s also an argument that common sense should prevail.

British cyclist Gillian Brodie posted recently on Twitter about her experience. “I caught up with and overtook a man who was cycling much slower than my usual pace on a cycle path tonight. He then immediately sped up and tailgated me until I slowed and told him to pass. I am so sick of men doing this but on a dark, secluded path it’s creepy. Just stop it.”

There were those who argued that they dislike it when anyone jumps on their wheel that they don’t know, but when it comes to safety, a female riding alone is a different matter.

Some argued that the male rider was simply trying to get a draft on the way home.

But given that the female rider was riding at night, there is definitely a case to be made for making her feel safe. It may be an innocent mistake on the part of the male rider, but there were many on Twitter who suggested it’s not a wise move to draft a female rider if you don’t know her.

Essential group ride etiquette to not be ‘that rider’

Some suggested saying something kind and polite to reassure the female rider that they were simply drafting.

Others argued that there is never really a good time to draft a female rider, especially at night, if you don’t know her.