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Should Ontario cyclists be concerned about their premier’s behaviour on the road?

Ford chatted on a video call while driving in a snowstorm

Photo by: @krisreports

Ontario and Quebec have been hit by a massive snowstorm, resulting in a huge snow dump in major urban centres like Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, London, Quebec City and Ottawa. School was cancelled, and most people are staying at home unless absolutely necessary. The highways are a mess, and cars are stuck pretty much everywhere. If you can even dig out your car, that is.

Earlier today. Premier Doug Ford was spotted driving his car around the greater Toronto area assisting drivers who may have slid off the road, or were stuck. Although it was a nice idea, and presumably those who received help were grateful, there was one little problem.

In an interview on CP24 with Lagogianes, Ford was talking about the crappy weather conditions…as he FaceTimed. Many cyclists were irate about this, saying that it was distracted driving. Given that the driving conditions were some of the worst all year, cycling Twitter was frustrated about the premier’s behaviour.

As you can see, it’s not the best look for Ford.

Especially given that his communications team had just posted about the driving conditions.