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Six questions for Jasmin Glaesser before the Canadian national championships

Jasmin Glaesser
Jasmin Glaesser
Jasmin Glaesser of Team Tibco. Photo credit: Team Tibco

In advance of the Global Relay Canadian road cycling championships, we peppered Jasmin Glaesser from Team Tibco with six quick questions.

How has your season been so far?

I took a little bit of time after track worlds in March to reset and prepare for the road season, so I’ve been slowly building into things. It’s always a bit of an unpleasant awakening to race against athletes that already have a few months of road-specific training and racing under their belts, but the season is long so I feel comfortable taking the time I need to adapt and switch gears.

What events will you participate in at nationals?

I will do the time trial and road race.

How have you been preparing for nationals?

With at least part of my focus always being on the track, I have to strike a balance between the training I do. Hopefully, the speed and power from the track will transfer over to the road! Racing Chrono Gatineau two weeks ago was a good indication of where my form was and I have tried to key off of those sensations going into the racing here.

What are your feelings on last year’s results?

I struggled a little last season, but I was on the podium in the TT so that’s a performance I would hope to build on this year. The road race is always harder to predict, but if its an aggressive race, that could suit me as well.

What are some of your other goals this year?

I would definitely like to have some strong rides throughout the rest of the road season. That being said, with the Olympic qualification process starting this fall on the track, I will have that in the back of my mind in terms of the big picture.

What’s next for you after nationals?

I will be joining the track endurance team for final preparations going into the Commonwealth Games where I will compete in the track endurance events as well as the time trial and road race. At this point, I am planning to spend the remainder of the season racing in Europe and hopefully making the team for the road world championships.