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Smells like Strava: Aussie cyclists’ epic 150-km tribute to Nirvana

Nevermind the kudos, this one's about the ride playlist

Photo by: Pete Rabbit / Instagram

Nirvana’s 1991 album Nevermind just turned 30 and fans around the world are paying tribute in very different ways. One cyclist in Adelaide, Australia celebrated by recreating the iconic album’s cover art on Strava.

Pete Stokes’ 150km Nevermind ride probably felt endless, but it wasn’t nameless. Taking his time, definitely not hurrying up at all, the Adelaide rider spent eight hours and 26 minutes recreating the controversial swimming baby cover art from Nirvana’s breakthrough album in intricate detail.

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That ride time is long enough that Stokes could have listened to all of Nevermind, start to finish 11.9 times. Eight and a half times, if you he included the secret bonus track. Or you could listen to the upcoming 30th anniversary Nevermind 5-CD re-issue approximately twice.

Stokes, who goes by Pete Rabbit on Instagram, is one of a small but dedicated roster of riders/Strava artists using the fitness tracking platform to create art. The riders use the streets and trails of their cities to draw out pictures. These range from giant beer steins in Belgium to urban moose here in Canada.

Rabbit’s own work varies widely. He’s created dragons, a very detailed Addyman Plesiosaur, works for environmental causes and a less high-brow tribute to Hugh Johnston Park (which you can find for yourself if you’re interested).

The actual baby from the cover art has also made his way back into the news, lately. Spencer Elden, now also 30 years old, sued the band back in August for the use of his image.