Smith have added two new helmets to its collection with the Route and Rover models. The helmets are constructed using Smith’s Aerocore lightweight material and use Koroyd technology which is designed to crush on impact. The material is created by welding miniature tubes together to form a whole that looks much like a honeycomb. The material is designed to absorb the energy from an impact in a measurable and effective way.

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The two helmets both use Smith’s adjustable VayporFit system in order to get the helmet to rest nicely on your noggin. The two helmets are available with a multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) lining that is designed to reduce rotational forces that the brain is exposed to during oblique impacts to the head. The MIPS system is designed to allow the head to slide during an impact and is meant to reduce traumatic brain injuries.

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“The Route and Rover helmets represent a movement within Smith to bring the award-winning technologies found in our popular Forefront and Overtake helmets to the everyday rider,” said Graham Sours, Smith Helmet category manager. “We ride on the road, in the dirt, and commute by bike and these new models exemplify all of us as cyclists in our own unique way.”

The Route has 18 ventilation holes for good ventilation when riding pavement. For trail riders, the Rover is given 20 holes for ventilation and a visor. Both helmets have AirEvac ventilation, Smith’s anti-microbial X-Static performance liners that are light and provide a single lyer of webbing with Reactive Cooling.

The Rover

The Route

The helmets retail for $180 and $215 with MIPS.


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