To help train the mental game for sport and well being, Smith have introduced the Lowdown Focus mpowered by Muse. The smart eye-wear is designed for the purpose of cognitive training to find better focus and concentration.

To provide a sense of calmness, the glasses work with the Smith Focus app, feature a ChromaPop Lense and use InteraXon’s SafiloX technology that measures brain activity. Electronics and EEG sensors are integrated into the frame and transmit data via Bluetooth to the app. The data then helps the app give guiding sounds to the wearer through headphones reflecting their state of mind.

The glasses are intended to give users cues to help them focus on breathing, and train the mind to become more calm, relaxed and focused with the intention for better preparation for sport and active life.

Sessions can vary in length from as little as one minute to as much as 3 hours per day. USers can choose drop in sessions, scheduled training, and downloadable programs to help with sleep, focus, relaxation and performance.

In the app, cognitive training goals can also be set. It helps users visualize their progress, track personal goals and review their activity.

The claimed benefits include improved concentration and stress reduction. Smith even say the glasses can improve cardiovascular and immune health.

The glasses will be available in two sizes, come in three colours and all feature the ChromaPop lenses. Retail price is $450.

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