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Someone made a Canadian Heritage Moment from the ‘cross worlds and it’s perfect

A certain rider from Canada had a wild start to his race

Canada’s Michael van den Ham did not have an optimal first lap during Sunday’s men’s elite CX worlds. He crash hard in the first few minutes of the first lap–losing valuable time early on. But that wasn’t the worst of it. MvdH also dislocated his finger.

When he got up he saw that his finger on his left hand was pointed at what he described on Instagram as “the grossest 45-degree angle.” Without hesitation, the former national champ snapped it right back in and got back on his bike.

Why this really was the most important ‘cross worlds for Canadians ever

“Sometimes you just got to snap out of it. My race was actually good barring this one …. mishap… but this will always be the race where I dislocated my finger and put it back in. Still not sure what, I’d anything, I was thinking, but it worked,” he added in a caption on Instagram. It’s kind of gross to watch, btw. I of course have watched it 10 times as thrive on bad decisions.

In true Internet fashion, majestic meme maker Midweek Cycling Club created a perfect post about the moment of busted digits.

Chapeau, MWCC, and bravo, MvdH.