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Someone made a completely fake sign which says you can park in Toronto bike lanes

The mysterious posters have been flagged by the city

Photo by: Bloor Annex BIA

A phoney sign stating that people can park in bike lanes has many people scratching their heads. The Bloor Annex BIA tweeted about the fugazi flier on Monday, posting that someone had spotted these fraudulent signs, and that despite the city stamp, it was not official.

The poster shares a number of untrue statements, such as food delivery services can park for 20 minutes, parents can park if dropping off their kids, and that construction workers can park during the day.

Some of the other “information” on the poster was that delivery services and utility vehicles can park during the day.

It is unclear the purpose of the sign. A prank? A satirical statement on the ongoing problem of parking in bike lanes? Toronto, like many cities, has seen a seemingly never-ending amount of delivery trucks using bike lanes as parking lots. Some have said that there needs to be more loading zones for delivery trucks, while others have alluded to special treatment for the major carriers.

This parking officer is the absolute GOAT when ticketing cars in bike lanes

One of the most well-known parking enforcement officers in the city, Erin Urquhart tweeted about it. The popular office on a bike has a large following on TikTok, where she posts videos about giving out tickets. She posted that “PSA: this is FALSE information…..bike lanes do not have any permitted stopping or parking in them…unless you’re looking to get a $150.”

This wouldn’t be the first time someone in Toronto has taken it upon themselves to change infrastructure. In May, a very dedicated citizen created a fake detour to slow down cyclists. A Toronto spokesperson investigated, and later confirmed that it was not placed by any city worker. The obstacle was then removed.