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Sorry AG2R Citroën, but Geoff Kabush rocked the OG denim gravel kit

Canadian pro one had custom jean outfit made for Unbound

Geoff Kabush yelling at cyclists

On Saturday, the French team AG2R Citroën will be debuting a slick-looking denim bib for the Strade Bianche. Cycling Twitter had many opinions, many of which were positive. The shorts also feature functional pockets. The Rosti bibs that AG2R Citroën are wearing has actual stretchy denim fabric in them, as well. It’s not simply material that looks like jeans.

Not everyone loved them.

“Denim” cycling kit was first made famous by the Italian Carrera team. In the ‘90s, riders like Claudio Chiappucci and the late Marco Pantani wore some jeans-inspired Lycra. At first only the shorts were denim-ish, but the team ultimately double downed, making the jersey, leg warmers, jacket in a jean pattern as well.

Throwback to the ‘Jeans Team,’ the Italian Carrera squad

Strade Bianche is a road race with some long “gravel” sections. It’s not a true gravel race like say, Unbound, but it’s got some challenging dusty parts. Canada’s Geoff Kabush, who raced on the pro circuit on the road, MTB, ‘cross and gravel, once wore an absolutely incredible denim bibs with sleeveless t-shirt.

The Louis Garneau outfit came after years of the former national champion rocking the Canadian tuxedo at ‘cross races. Kabush, a big fan of Canadian cult classic FUBAR, would dress up as Deaner, the star of the movie. He’d complement the look with mutton chops, a trucker’s hat and a brewskie.

Geoff Kabush


“I started wearing a three-piece denim tuxedo way back in 2004, at some events as a joke,” Kabush said.

When Kabush wore the denim outfit at Unbound, he also had the words “aero what” on the jersey. This was a shout-out to him being quite vocal about aero-bars; the Olympian didn’t think they should be used in gravel races.

photo: scottharaldson.com

“In 2019 I got some custom kit made by LG for the event, and I was just stirring the shit about aero bars. So I wore jean shorts, a sleeveless undershirt and a jean vest.”

So if you’re watching the big race tomorrow, check out AG2R Citroën and consider, who wore it better? If you’re Canadian, you already know the answer.