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Fancy footwork: Specialized new $999 full-carbon run bike

Maximize your mini-shredder's watts per waddle with the elite-level Hotwalk

Specialized Hotwalk Carbon Photo by: Specialized

While a kid’s balance bike may appear simple, not all are created equal. Few, if any, are as refined as Specialized’s latest creation.

The Hotwalk Carbon may cost a staggering USD$999, but its Satin Chameleon-painted frame is undoubtedly Specialized’s lightest bike ever produced.

Specialized Hotwalk Carbon

To maximize your mini-shredder’s speed per stride the elite-level run bike is constructed with Fact 9a carbon fibre. This includes the frame, fork, handlebars. There are even pint-sized carbon fibre wheels with Rhythm Lite tires.

Why make a run bike that costs a hair under one thousand dollars? According to Specialized, “If we want to inspire the next generation of riders, kids deserve better bikes. That’s why we took the same tech behind our world championship-winning bikes and combined it with proportional design to build the ultimate balance bike.”

Specialized Hotwalk Carbon

As you would expect from “the ultimate balance bike,” the details don’t stop at the frame. There are custom tiny grips and a Body Geometry saddle with a carrying handle. Not that you’ll need it for your mini-world champion, of course.

There is only one, single problem with Specialized Hotwalk Carbon. It is not, and will not available in Canada. Maybe we’re just too practical of a people? Maybe we’re too polite to drop a cool grand on something so miniature? Who knows. So if your heart – or your kid’s heart – is set seeing this Specialized under the Christmas tree, check in with your American or U.K. friends for help.

For the rest of us, the normal Hotwalker is just CAD$280.00, and still works totally fine.

Specialized Hotwalk Carbon