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Spectator on cellphone crashes cyclist

Woman crossed race course while texting

Photo by: VESA Channel

You’d think after the “omi opi” incident in the biggest race on earth this summer, people all around the world would pay better attention when they see cyclists. If you didn’t catch it, on the first stage this year, a spectator held out a sign which read “allez omi opi” (go grandma and grandpa), and caused a massive crash. Tony Martin fell heavily, which caused a chain reaction and brought the peloton to a standstill. The woman appeared in court two weeks ago, and will be given her judgement in December.

What will happen to the “Opi/Omi” TdF spectator?

On Saturday in the Canary Islands, a spectator who was watching the Cicloturista Conda Salmor Bike event, decided to cross the finish line as she looked at her cell phone. The timing to look at her phone couldn’t have been worse: a rider who was pushing to the finish line crashed into her at full speed.

Apparently, the spectator was relatively unscathed, but the rider suffered minor head injuries, scrapes, and memory loss. The Spanish Civil Guard is now investigating the case, but as of Tuesday, no charges have been laid.

You can watch the awful crash below.