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Sports director compared Remco Evenepoel to Lance Armstrong and the Internet said uh

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl DS pointed out several similarities between the riders

Klaas Lodewyck, the directeur sportif at Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl compared the newly-crowned world champion, Remco Evenepoel to Lance Armstrong. Speaking to Australian cycling magazine Ride, said that the two riders have quite a bit in common. “It may be a wrong comparison, but in terms of character I do see similarities between Remco and Lance.”

Both riders won the rainbow jersey at 22 years old, for example. But there’s more than that.

“Aside from everything that went wrong with Armstrong in the past, Lance was also someone who could never win enough. When he started somewhere, he wanted to be the best. Remco always wants to win too,”Lodewyck said. “On the last Sunday morning of the Vuelta a in Madrid, he already started talking to us about the World Championships in Wollongong. It’s never enough. That also shows that he is always driven to be the best and to win races.”

Lodewyck also said their drive is similar.

“Lance was a killer. If you kicked his shins, he kicked back ten times harder. Usually he did this on a bicycle and sometimes also verbally. Remco also has that killer mentality.”

His sports director did note one difference between the two. He says that in spite of a reputation for arrogance, Evenepoel is much more easy-going and diplomatic with his teammates. Of course, that may be the case now, but Evenepoel  has definitely had his share of cocky behaviour, much likeThis doesn’t  famous behaviour of Armstrong.

As you can imagine, Internet peeps had some strong opinions.

“Being compared to a certain LA, doper extraordinaire is not a good thing. Not. Good. At. All…” tweeted @MikeCassie.

“If I was him I’ve have probably chosen my words with a bit more care….” @VogonLaundromat

Some defended the Quick Step staff member’s words. “It’s pretty evident the comparison is to the bike and not to the life style,” CharissaGrace15 tweeted.