A heated exchange between a cyclist and a Montreal bus driver on Sherbrooke St. that was caught on camera is being investigated by the Société de transport de Montréal. The incident took place after a cyclist was closely passed and confronted the bus driver.

The entire clash was caught on video via a helmet-mounted camera and then shared on YouTube. In the two-minute video, the cyclist is seen riding in the right-hand lane before moving to the left to navigate around cars. At the same time, a number 24 bus passes extremely closely.

Following the close pass, the cyclist caught up to the bus driver to confront him about the dangerous manoeuvre.

“Pass a little closer next time,” the cyclist says sarcastically.

The driver’s response is that the cyclist should be riding two blocks south on de Maisonneuve Blvd. where there is a bike lane. The cyclist responds that he isn’t required to only ride on the bike lane. The bus driver dismisses him telling him to move over as he pulls out of the bus stop.

A couple of blocks later, the cyclist once again catches up to the bus. The cyclist informs the driver he is going to file a complaint against him with the STM. The driver responds to take his number. “They dug up the de Mainsoneuve for you people and about 28 of you are passing me every morning,” the driver says.

More heated words are exchanged before the driver pulls away. The Montreal Gazette report that the video is being investigated by the STM

“We are taking all of this very seriously, since the safety and respect for all those on the road, as well as sharing (that road) are basic principles for our drivers, even if the bus-cyclist-motorist-construction site sharing of that road can sometimes prove to be complex,” STM spokesperson Philippe Déry told the Montreal Gazette. “The employee will be met with and we will take the appropriate measures in connection with this incident.”

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