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Strava supercharges routes with new Points of Interest feature

Planning your next coffee ride just got easier

Photo by: Strava

Strava rolled out a new update this week designed to make ride planning easier. At home or on the road, even on the go, Points of Interest shows you local coffee spots, bike shops, trailheads and viewpoints.

The new feature shows up as a layer in Strava maps and, for subscribers, in route planner. It shows up for all users but only subscribers will be able to use Points of Interest to generate routes. You can even set recommended routes to start from a specific point of interest. This is a great feature if you want to meet a friend at a coffee shop or trailhead to start a ride.

Strava says Points of Interest are user-generated, so you can plan your routes based on where and how the locals ride. The update includes a sub-update, Start Points, that shows popular places to start rides and runs. You can also use P.O.I. to adjust routes mid-ride. If you suddenly need to find a bathroom, water fountain, or cafe nearby, you can re-route on the fly.