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Surrey looks to increase cycling and pedestrian traffic

Surrey to focus on bikeable core.

A new plan meant to create a healthier population is expected to help boost bike and foot traffic in Surrey, B.C. The project may also increase public transit use.

The project is aimed at making a more walkable and bikeable city centre around Surrey’s City Centre Skytrain station and Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus.

A program designed to assist in urban planning in Toronto is being used to help shape the new Surrey plan for a core that will feature more parks and green space. Surrey’s downtown area is expected to see 42,000 new residents and 21,500 workers by 2031. The hope is that the plan for the core will keep those moving to and working in the area healthy and promote alternative transportation to alleviate traffic.

The city has also been working on other projects to create a more cyclist-friendly downtown. In December 2013, Surrey residents were divided over the prospect of a new bridge over Bon Accord Creek that would close the gap on 110 Avenue to accommodate already rising cyclist traffic in the city. The bridge is expected to be completed by the end of summer in 2014. The project, which will cost $2 million, will also involve upgrades to existing cycle infrastructure.