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Svein Tuft helps Cataford make a comeback

Alex Cataford poses with his new bike, courtesy of The Cyclery in Ottawa.

Earlier this year, Canadian under-23 prospect Alex Cataford was hit by a car while training in Tucson, Az. After almost eight months of recovery, his doctor finally acknowledged that he has recovered from a severe concussion. Until last week, Cataford who raced for the Garneau-Quebecor squad in 2013, was eager to begin training again with hopes of racing again in 2015. However, he was without equipment since he lost his bike in the accident and had yet to find a replacement. In an attempt to get back training Cataford was scrounging for borrowed equipment.

That was until current Canadian national road and time trial champion Svein Tuft requested that part of his annual donation to the Global Relay Bridge the Gap Fund be alloted to Alex Cataford. Tuft wanted ensure that he gets a new bike to ride. In addition to Tuft’s support through the Global Relay Fund, The Cyclery, an Ottawa retailer offered a generous discount to help build Cataford’s new Scott Foil, a fitting ride given it’s a replica of Tuft’s Orica-Green Edge team bike.

Tuft has always been adamant that cycling’s next generation is well-supported. As one of Canada’s best riders he is certainly taking action in a way that has a tangible impact. In addition to looking out for Canada’s next generation of racers, Tuft is slated to race the World Championships as a member of Orica-Green Edge’s team time trial squad. Cycling Canada Cyclisme has yet to announce the selections for the men’s road race and individual time trial. Given the successes Tuft has had this season, it’s unlikely he’ll miss the Worlds.