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Tadej Pogačar has been tweet-trolling Dan Martin for months and it’s the absolute best

The former Tour de France champ has some sass

Tadej Pogačar: ‘Mathieu van der Poel would lap me in cyclocross’ Photo by: Tadej Pogačar @TamauPogi

No one likes an internet troll…unless they are one of the best cyclists in the world. For months now, Tadej Pogačar has been an absolute champion when it comes to being a saucy Slovenian.
The former pro Dan Martin of Ireland, continues to receive the playful ire of Pog. Martin, who has recently finished an autobiography, tweeted about it. “Seven weeks till publication of my first book Chased by Pandas and things really hectic. Reading final proofs, adding the finishing touches before it’s off to the printers and finalizing a publicity schedule. Scary but exciting.”

Pog then asked him, “First… there will be second? How many pages? 20? Or just al lot of pictures?”

Martin would snap back at the UAE star, “It should be exactly your type of book. There’s even a story about a little fat Slovenian kid I met. Here is a sneak preview.”

Of course, the winner of Liège–Bastogne–Liège and Giro di Lombardia was having none of that. “You misspelled fast* there. I hope the book has less mistakes,” Pogačar replied to the Irish rider.


Following the Tour de France, Martin tweeted a photo of Geraint Thomas as a young lad. Knowing that a Pog Attack was around the corner, he was preemptive. “Just waiting for Tadej Pogačar
to troll. He’s been quiet since the Tour. Must be tired.”

Ever the gentleman, Pog posted right away. “I just can’t troll Geraint Thomas. Only you or Rory Sutherland.”

Poor Rory Sutherland, a former UAE rider himself, had to jump in too with a cheeky retort. “I retire and you throw me under the bus? Good friend you turned out to be Tadej.”

And before you could say Primož Roglič, Pog was on that one too.

“Yes you retired from cycling not from twitter.”

Well played, Tadej Pogačar. Well played.