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Watch that wild time Sean Kelly attacked on the Poggio descent to win Milan-San Remo

It was one of the most exciting editions of the classic

One of the greatest Il Primavera victories of all time is Irishman Sean Kelly’s, the last big win of a storied career. In 1992, he made up eight-seconds on Italy’s Moreno Argentin, who escaped on the 3.7-km Poggio, by plummeting down the other side, carving the switchbacks to pull back the incredulous Argentin at the red kite. Kelly was the better sprinter and claimed his second crown.

Afterwards Argentin claimed, “I didn’t see him until the last (moments), when we were almost 600 metres from the finish. With all the motorbikes behind, I couldn’t see him. I guess he was also aided by them.”

In this Eurosport footage, the breathless narration of Kelly’s daring descent is from Brit David Duffield, who was fond of phrases like “turn your granny to the wall” and “as useful as a chocolate chain ring”. Kelly is the man in blue dropping like a stone.