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The absurdity of the Peloton bike’s marketing highlighted in a hilarious Twitter thread

Build yourself a multi million dollar mansion and put the exercise bike dead center in your nicest room

Your pain cave is probably far from glamorous. It’s a place for suffering where you can privately toil away working towards your dreams and aspirations for the coming summer. Your significant others make sure it’s out of the way so they can go about their daily lives without coming across your pain-distorted face from your masochistic ritual.

You put your trainer in the most undesirable corner of your living space, shamefully hidden away from the prying eyes of visitors. You prop your laptop on any nearby surface with a fan blowing full blast into your face for some minor respite from the suffering. This is the reality of indoor training. It’s not glamorous.

Peloton, the makers of an adjustable indoor exercise machine made for cycling with a built-in screen and access to spin class videos, seem to think otherwise. Their marketing material makes the machine the absolute centrepiece of any room. And oh my, what a pain cave they envision you having.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @ClueHeywood took a closer look at some of the aspirational marketing material distributed by Peloton. With sarcastic, witty and amusing comments on photos, the unrealistic but very appealing idea of owning the exercise machine was highlighted in a hilarious way. The user masterfully making light of the surreal images depicting the peloton bike in stunning parts of seemingly multi-million dollar properties.

Take a look for yourself: