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The man who assaulted a cyclist may be an off-duty Toronto police officer

Sources say they recognize the man as a member of 52 Division

Photo by: Toronto

The man who assaulted a cyclist on Sunday is allegedly a police officer, according to sources. “Toronto Caroline” tweeted that while riding close to High Park, a man forced her off her bike.

“Just got knocked of my bike by this very entitled man in the middle of the intersection of High Park Ave and Bloor Street. I’m really tired of being harassed as a cyclist in Toronto. Waiting for the cops,” her tweet read.

Apparently, the man was angry at her for not stopping at a stop sign. “This guy said I didn’t stop at Pacific and Bloor and he’s fed up with cyclists and decided to teach me a lesson. So he chased me along Bloor Street and when I wouldn’t stop he came at me and grabbed my handlebars and forced me to stop. I ended up on the ground with my bike on top of me,” she explained. When the police did arrive, Caroline was stupefied with the man’s reaction. “Cops had to explain to him he couldn’t grab cyclists or their bikes but didn’t do much,” she added. The man was apparently not charged by police.

A Toronto police officer hit a cyclist when he was ticketing riders in High Park

According to David Shellnutt, The Biking Lawyer, the man is a police officer from 52 Division, named Patrick Stewart. His wife was also there, and is also a police officer.

Canadian Cycling Magazine approached Toronto Police Services in an attempt to confirm the man’s identity. The organization responded that it does not confirm the identities of people who have not been criminally charged.