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The UCI just banned another pro women’s jersey

It’s getting a bit silly

Photo by: Bizkaia-Durango

In another episode of Jerseygate, the UCI has banned another team kit and ordered them to redesign it. To recap: Andy Schleck got quite the shock  following the news that several teams had launched their new jerseys for next year all shared orange and purple designs. SD Worx, Human Powered Health, and the new UAE Team all unveiled similar-looking jerseys in recent weeks, which creates a bit of a headache for fans trying to spot their favourite rider in the bunch next year. Although Andy Schleck-CP NVST-Immo Losch was the only one to maintain its team colours and design from 2021, they were the one ordered to get create a new look. He was not amused, to say the least, and promptly sold his entire stock of gear and is now making new clothes for the 2022 season.

Now, the Spanish team Bizkaia-Durango has said they are also being forced to kibosh their kit because it looks too similar to the UCI Women’s WorldTour leader’s jersey

“At this late time of the preseason we would have loved to show our kit for the 2022 season, but sadly we cannot yet,” the team posted on Twitter. “We have worn pink for the last six seasons and this has become one of the hallmarks of the team. The Union Cycliste Internationale has rejected two different designs of our kit due to their similarity to the UCI Women’s WorldTour leader’s jersey. We don’t know yet if we will be able to wear our color this season, but we hope to show our new skin soon.”

Some suggested going back to the old UCI World Cup leader’s jersey of years gone by, a distinctive white design, as opposed to the purple/pink theme.