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There was a horrific collision between a motorcyclist and cyclist in Colombia

The video should be a reminder of the responsibility toward vulnerable road users

Photo by: SUBAse a la Bici @SUBAseAlaBICI

On Sunday, a group of motorcyclist showed just how irresponsible riding can change someone’s life in an instant. Bogota, already known as the “cycling capital of death,” has long been infamous for chaotic and careless driving. It seems the same can be said for some of the motorists on two wheels. There are many beautiful and picturesque climbs in the area, and in fact, the 1994 road world championships took place nearby. But on Sunday, on the La Vega-Bogotá climb, some motorcyclists were riding extremely recklessly, passing trucks at high speed, and swerving in and out of traffic. Normally, the risk factor would be the highest for them–if they hit a truck in just leathers and a helmet, they are done for.

Miraculously, according to Hubert Montoya, “the man had no serious injuries.”

Nevertheless this video, although difficult to watch, undermines just how important it is for motorists of all kinds to be aware of the dangers that vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, face.