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There’s a ‘Report cyclists in High Park’ Facebook group and the comments are wild

It’s hard to tell which are real and which are satire

The drama in High Park continues. Between police ticketing cyclists, and overly concerned citizens following riders and filming them to see if they stop at signs, the debacle continues.

Recently, a dedicated Toronto citizen started a Facebook group called “Report the cyclists in high park”, seemingly to find cyclists who are “speeding” or rolling through stop signs.

The speed limit in the park is 20 km/h, and police have ticketed offending riders if they are a hair over that, even down a hill.

The founder of the group, who refers to themselves as “an activist” has been posting non-stop about how they have been reporting offenders to the police.

“I’m over here at High Park I was driving threw and coming up on stop sign across from Grenadier Restaurant a lady and her baby which she had on her back were crossing and as they were three cyclists came flying threw the stop sign without stopping they nearly hit the women but they kept going the lady was shocked I told her don’t worry I’m doing everything I can to get rid of these ego maniacs she said that’s not the first time that’s happened to me after that I called my direct line to 11 division they said they will send some officers over as I mentioned earlier I’m doing everything I can to make sure these guys don’t get the time of day when it comes to finding from city hall and queens park they don’t deserve any consideration at all based on there ways yours truly the activist.”

This guy took a radar gun to Toronto’s High Park to check the speed of cars

They also followed a cyclist along, filming him, as he rolled through a stop sign. The motorists themselves also barely stopped at the same sign, which is hilarious.

The best part of the group is now there are cyclists who are posting amazing comments.

“Good morning high park people nice day just hit 69km/h on my penny farthing bicycle riding downhill through the park challenged a cop to a race but he said he was busy harassing others and to leave him alone, maybe the activist wants to race next time and we can both show off our legs in Lycra.”

A Toronto police officer hit a cyclist when he was ticketing riders in High Park

One person even suggested the best solution was to casually build a few velodromes to get cyclists off the road. Because everyday cyclists would love to ride on a steeply-banked tracks for kicks.

“I have no political influence at all… But if anybody does, here is an idea: get the city to build a velodrome, in High Park or somewhere on the Lakeshore. It should be exclusively for bikers. They can go there are race around all they want. In short, I am not opposed to bikers. I am opposed to endanger the lives of children, adults and dogs! Give them there own place to play! Who can sell that to the city???”

“Damn Tour de France wannabees These “cyclists” are the leading cause of pedestrian deaths ALL across Toronto! When will the police stop demonizing the innocent and law abiding drivers!”

Some posts are trying to create a dialogue, but it seems like there’s quite a bit of division in the group.

“I like to ride through High Park, often on a road bike wearing cycling kit. I recognize the frustration a lot of people are feeling, but I wonder if we can find a way to do this without involving more police (you have to admit, they’re not making the situation any better). I love the suggestions of a car-free park, where there’s more room for kids, pedestrians, cyclists, runners, dogs. I like the idea of having set times for training when the park is otherwise less busy, as other have managed successfully. Is anyone in this group interested in working to make HP a more welcoming place for all users?”

Others pointed out that cars go through lights all the time in Toronto.

“I see cars going through red lights every day. Should we be reporting them here too?”

One guy posted a photo of Lance Armstrong riding up a mountain with some other pros in the Tour, with a cheeky comment. “These guys were easily going 60 km/h down the big hill today. Can we use less-than-lethal rounds?”

So yeah, glad that things are going well and there’s plenty of constructive dialogue. Looks like the problems between motorists and cyclists is resolving itself.