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These three pro teams’ new jerseys kinda all look the same

Orangey pinky purple is the new black

Photo by: Rally Cycling @rallycycling

Billy Joe Armstrong of the band Green Day was once asked by a journalist to define punk, as they were walking down the street. Armstrong kicked over a garbage can. So the journalist replied, so if I kick over the next garbage can, that’s punk?

No, the singer replied. That’s trendy.

It’s the time of the year when pro teams launch their new kit with new sponsors and everyone says how they either love it or hate it. If you’re a cycling fan, it’s always interesting to note new styles and trends in jersey design, with teams trying new things, maybe a new colour or two.

They say fashion can be cyclical, but designers of the new Human Powered Health team, UAE Team ADO and Team SD Worx should probably have a chat. Check it out below.