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Thief breaks in and steals Toronto frame builder’s carbon prototype

Robber stoke bike worth $15,000 early Monday morning

Photo by: Frank Gardiner

A burglar broke into the Bridge Bike Works shop and stole a prototype bike, and took off in his car. The company’s co-founder was in shock Monday morning when his phone kept buzzing. It was the alarm company alerting him that there had been a break-in. He then received videos of his business with police in the background as they had already arrived on the scene.

The thief threw a brick at the door several times, and according to Gairdner, definitely seemed to know what he was doing. Once inside, they went right for the bike, which is quite original.

“There’s nothing out there like this bike at all. There is no bike out there that is painted like it, and certainly no other bike that looks like it,” Gairdner said.

The Number Five prototype is pink, with an Ultegra Di2 groupset, Ultegra C60 wheels, PRO Vibe Evo integrated cockpit, PRO Vibe carbon seat post and a PRO Stealth Curved team saddle. Gardiner added the bike was purely for display purposes as well, and unrideable–-the brake lines weren’t connected yet.

Gardiner said he was surprised the thief could break in. “That glass is thick, double pane, and we have high security, he used the brick three times,” he said. He also didn’t trigger the alarm initially, and speculation is he was using some sort of Wi-Fi jammer. The thief didn’t even bother with some of the other valuables in the shop, or other bikes that were in the back. He simply grabbed the Number 5 and hightailed it.

The thief also had a high-end car, and looked to be in good shape. Given the quick job, Gairdner suspects the robber may be a cyclist. The fact that he put the bike so quickly in his car makes him believe this is not the first time he’s handled a high-end bike.

The team at Bridge Bike Works will be amping up their security as much as possible, but in the meantime ask for the public to let them know if anyone sees the bike on any buy and sell pages. If you see someone peddling the hot bike online, please let the team at Bridge Bike Works know through the company’s Instagram account or BridgeBikeWorks.com