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This 4-year-old rides the rollers better than almost all of us

Daisy Adams has some skills

Photo by: @Pintsizedcyclist/Twitter

Remember Daisy Adams? The young cyclist from Bristol, England who won our hearts when she spotted doing a spot-on imitation of Tom Pidcock on her mountain bike in a full-on Superman position? She keeps showing off her mad skillz on Twitter, and it’s the best.

The 4-year-old can do it all, road, mountain bike…even a unicycle. She certainly loves the rollers, too. If you’ve ever ridden the rollers, you know that there’s a learning curve to mastering them.

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It takes some finesse to learn how to ride in a straight line on rollers, and it can be even harder to take your hands off your bars. Well, young Daisy certainly can.

Check out the video below, She mounts the rollers with ease, then takes her hands off the bars. She even has a little wobble at one point that she calmly recovers from, with the confidence of a hardened pro.