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This British plumber traded his van for a cargo bike

His fuel costs have decreased dramatically

British Plumber Martin Broer recently retired his van for an electric cargo bike, and has never been happier. According to a report in the BBC, a tradesman from Derby, United Kingdom, says that he wanted to challenge the “white van man” stereotype so often seen with plumbers, and at the same time become more environmentally friendly.

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“Peak times, rush hour, school run time, I can get around a lot quicker,” Broer said. “There’s so many parking restrictions and permit areas in the inner city. I can basically park wherever now.”

Although he does say that there are some people who are not quite as enthused with him riding the bike, he’s generally received positive feedback. Additionally, he enjoys his commutes to clients much more. “Just having the space to think about things, it really helps with your mental health,” Broer said.

The plumber explained that it’s often difficult to find parking close to the houses he visits, and can create stress and delays. With the cargo bike, he can squeeze it anywhere as long as it doesn’t block anyone’s laneway or alley.

As well as feeling better, he’s also cut his fuel bills by 50 per cent. He’s also found that he can get to his client’s houses much quicker every day.