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This guy did the world’s first back flip on a cargo bike and it’s bonkers to watch

William Kass did the unthinkable on a super-heavy ride

A cargo bike flips Photo by: William Kass/Youtube

Cargo bikes are everywhere these days…but they aren’t the best for tricks, unless your name is William Kass. Kass is an Estonian BMX rider who posts all sorts of amazing tricks on social media, but never before has he done one on a cargo bike. Not only are the bikes heavy, but they aren’t exactly the best for maneuverability. The reason? Someone said he couldn’t, of course.

This cargo bike company banned its riders from wearing helmets

“Hagen Bikes guys challenged me to flip their heavy cargo bike into the foam pit, but I took it a step further and claimed the world’s first cargo flip to a landing. This did not come easy and without injuries though,” Kass explained. “The idea came from Kaspar, the founder of Hagen Bikes, who watched my back flip tutorial and wanted to learn it on a BMX. I was supposed to only go be the hypeman and film it go down, but things quickly took a different turn when Gert Lill, the first Estonian to land a double backflip on a small bike, wanted to try flipping their big bike.”

This really is a time where you have to see it to believe it. Check out the video below.