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This guy has been stealing shoes from Toronto bike stores

Same shoes, same size, each time

Photo by: Eon D'Ornellas/Facebook

As cyclists, we are always looking for deals, but one man has clearly gone far: he’s been stealing shoes at well-known bike stores in Toronto.

On Dec. 20, 2021, La Bicicletta posted on their Instagram that a man entered the store and asked to try on a pair of shoes. As the staff went to the back to get his size, he quickly ripped off a pair of Shimano S Phyre shoes and fled the store. The shoes are valued at $600. The suspect than jumped into his car and took off.

The store had a photo of the man (although in a mask) as well as his car make and license plate, and filed a police report. The store was willing to give the thief a second chance, saying that if he returned the shoes, no further action would be taken.

On Thursday, Eon D’Ornellas posted that an almost identical incident took place at his store, D’Ornellas Bike Shop.

In the post he said the man tried on a pair of Shimano S Phyre shoes in size 46. This time he not only did he steal the shoes, but he also threatened the staff and took off in the same getaway car he used a month earlier, a silver Toyota.

As of Friday, the thief has not been caught, but the posts indicate that other bike stores in the city should be on alert for someone of his description pulling the same scheme.

If you have any information, both stores are encouraging you to contact their stores or the police.