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This guy has had enough of cars driving in the bike lane

Cyclist started throwing his bike at the car

raised_bike Photo by: 6ixbuzztv/Instagram

Sure, there are lots of bike lanes, and it’s getting better in most cities in Canada, but it’s far from perfect. Sometimes you’ll see cars parked in the cycle tracks, construction blocking your way and worse.

Then there’s the cars who might turn in front of you, or use the bike lane as a turning lane. On Friday a video posted to 6ixbuzztv, a popular Instagram site that tends to focus on more salacious and shocking content in Toronto, shows a very irate cyclist.

“This mod yute on bloor attacked someone’s car with his bike because they told him to stay in the bike lane,” the caption read.

Of course, like most outrageous content, there’s very little context. It’s not clear what happened before the rider loses his temper and goes after the car. It could be that the cyclist finally had enough with cars riding in the bike lane.

It’s probable what happened before the event will never be known, but as any cyclist who rides downtown knows, it can be a frustrating experience, on some days.