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This is how much pro cyclists make

There's quite a range

In pro cycling, there is a huge range in salaries. Continental professionals can make zero, or up to $40,000. Pro continental rider’s salaries range from around just over $40,000 to $200,000.

The minimum wage for male pro continental level cyclists is around $44,000. The minimum for WorldTour is just under $60,000. The UCI has recently created minimum salary requirements for pro women as well, although they are not quite on par with men’s. The minimum salary for WorldTour female riders was around $21,000 in 2020, and was raised to $28,000 in 2021.

The women’s minimum will increase to $31,000 in 2022, and ultimately match the men’s UCI ProTeam minimum in 2023. The introduction of the minimum salary in the UCI Women’s WorldTeams also added items such as health insurance, maternity leave, life insurance, a maximum number of race days and paid holidays. Still, a top pro like Marianne Vos makes just over $100,00, a far cry from her male counterparts.

Women’s WorldTeam contracts to guarantee paid maternity leave starting in 2020

A Spanish newspaper recently published the top male pro salaries, and there’s definitely a range.

Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar earns $8,668,200, followed by former winner Chris Froome coming in at $7,944,200.00. You can see the rest of the salaries of the top pros, in Euros below.