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You can now do your indoor trainer workouts in Grand Theft Auto V

The detail rich world of Los Santos is now open for training

Much like videogames, cycling can be a major time sink. People who have a passion for both will often find themselves with little free time for their favourite activities. Fortunately, an intrepid developer has found a way to combine cycling and gaming by mashing together a popular action-adventure game and indoor trainer rides.

The Grand Theft Bike V mod helps PC gamers turn their smart trainers into the game controller, effectively letting them explore the GTA V world environment while getting in some extra kms.

The mod reads speed and applies it to the vehicle the rider is “driving” in the game. It also takes into account the incline and ‘roughness’ of the terrain and the wind speed in the game and sends the information back to the trainer for an immersive ride.

The mod features a course reader which auto drives cyclists around Los Santos (the fictional city where GTA V is set) and follows different routes of various difficulty levels. If auto drive is selected but no course is loaded, the character will roam freely around the map but riders could be led up some serious uphills. Cyclists who have a keyboard at hand can also control the bike manually and explore the world as they want.

The workout can be recorded as a FIT file with fake GPS locations (and will even include screenshots of your ride) which can later be uploaded to Strava.

For now the mod only works with ANT+ FE-C smart trainers, but the developer says he’s working on adding support for ANT+ power meters and heart rate monitors.