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Three Toronto police officers on bikes caught riding through stop sign

Twitter user posts video of cops rolling through

Three police officers in Toronto go through stop sign Photo by: Derek Lind @dereklind

A Twitter user has posted a particularly interesting clip of three Toronto police officers on bike rolling through a stop sign. It’s particularly poignant given the recent blitz on riders in High Park. Derek Lind posted a video of three Toronto cops on bikes rolling right through.

Twitter user Dave Edwards posted that, “Completely hypocritical, AND a good example of how slowing down and proceeding through a stop sign with caution can be a completely safe behaviour on a bike. Ticketing cyclists for not putting a foot down at a stop sign isn’t done to make anyone safer. Legalize the #IdahoStop.”

The clip is even more significant given the mounting tensions in parts of Toronto, where more and more cyclists are being assaulted or harassed.

In the video, the three police officers do what is commonly known as an “Idaho Stop” which many advocates push for to create increased cycling safety. It is still however, illegal to do in Canada and would result in a ticket if a police officer saw you not come to a full stop. Some cyclists were apparently told they would get a ticket in High Park if they didn’t take fully unclip both feet out of the pedals as well.

You can see the clip in question below: