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Tom Dumoulin and other pros drafted a truck and the Internet is angry

Some are saying it’s a bad move following Bernal’s accident

Photo by: Juan Clavijo @Juan_Clavijo_

Tom Dumoulin is training again after his 2021 season ended abruptly, due to being hit by a motorist. Which is why, as you can imagine, some fans on the Internet are not impressed with some of his training tactics as he prepares for the 2022 season in Colombia.

The Dutch star, riding for Jumbo-Visma, is hoping to return to his world champion-winning ways after a tumultuous past few years. He’s training in Colombia with his teammates, as well as Rigoberto Urán.

Egan Bernal crashed into a bus on Jan. 24, which resulted in a long hospital stay. The rider underwent spinal surgery, and remained in intensive care for 10 days. At one point, there was a 95 per cent chance of him not being able to walk. Fortunately, his recovery is going well but it will be a long one.

Which is why, of course, a video of Dumoulin and a few others jumping behind a dump truck to get a draft, has cycling Twitter irate. Given the limited blind spots of the vehicles, it’s not exactly the safest move.

As one posted suggests, Dumoulin is not the first nor last cyclist to do such a thing, but given the recent crash by Bernal, it certainly doesn’t look good.