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Toronto cyclist dies after being hit and dragged by pickup truck driver

Collision took place in afternoon, victim pronounced dead on scene

Photo by: @CanadaRobin

A 20-year-old cyclist was killed by a pickup driver in Toronto on Wednesday, according to police. The collision occurred just before 4:30 p.m. in midtown Toronto.

The driver was driving a Ford F-250 truck, according to a report from CTV news and was heading west on St. Clair and turned right to go north on Yonge street. The cyclist was crossing Yonge street and heading eastbound.

“The driver of the Ford pick-up struck the cyclist and continued northbound on Yonge Street with the bike and cyclist lodged underneath the vehicle,” authorities confirmed in a statement on Thursday.
Emergency services arrived and attempted to revive the cyclist, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the release, the cyclist was riding in the crosswalk, but as David Shellnutt pointed out in a release, drivers are also not allowed to make a right hand turn at that time. In Shellnutt’s statement, he raises a point that was not mentioned in the police press release.

“Was the driver ticketed for making a right turn onto Yonge from St. Clair which is prohibited at the time the crash occurred (no rights 4 to 6 pm Monday to Friday)?” The BIking Lawyer asked.

Toronto Police are reaching out to anyone who may have been in the area with dashcam footage or information to contact them to help with the investigation.