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Toronto cyclists warned to be careful with increased trucks from convoy

Another protest is headed to Ontario capital

As a planned convoy protest heads to Toronto on Friday, cyclists are being warned about road safety due to an increase in truck traffic.

Cycling in the city is already precarious enough right now, given the recent snowstorm that has left bike paths in many parts of Toronto barely rideable as it is.

However, an increase of large trucks on the roads in the city could make riding even more difficult.

In recent years, there’s been several fatal collisions when a cement truck driver has struck and killed cyclists or pedestrians. In most Canadian cities there’s been a recent uptick of construction, which means the roads are often full of larger trucks.

Canadian cities have a cement truck problem

Most dump trucks are not only large but have limited blind spots. Driving them downtown can lead to precarious situations. Cyclists are advised to try and avoid the convoy as there may be safety concerns with the large trucks.

Police have said that due to the demonstrations taking place in the city this weekend, there will be several closures to prevent any extra traffic on Toronto’s Hospital Row that could hamper first responders.