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Toronto got its first snowfall and the bike paths are absolutely brutal

Plowing continues all over the city

Photo by: NotSafe4BikesTO @NotSafe4BikesTO

Winter has officially landed in Onterrible with its first dump of the white stuff on Wednesday. Five cm of snow hit the greater Toronto overnight and into  the early morning. Only two weeks ago it was 25 Celsius in the city, but that is a distant memory. With temps around the freezing mark the city has become a giant puddle of slush and snow, creating awful conditions to ride your bike, drive, walk or have a soaker-free day.

There are many new bike paths and cycling tracks, and although the city managed to clear some, many more are an absolute mess.

Someone made a completely fake sign which says you can park in Toronto bike lanes

Sometimes the city plows the roads and paths somewhat concurrently, with a plow truck on the road and a small tractor or 4×4. But that’s not always the case.

Worse off, obstacles that were hazardous enough before the snowfall, become even worse.

When the snow started on Monday, many cyclists, including cargo delivery companies, braved the storm.

As most Torontonians know, this is just the beginning of a long, snowy winter, so hopefully snow can be cleared from all bike lanes so riders can cycle safely.

Thankfully, the city continues to plow and the weather looks decent in the next few days.