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Two men jailed for armed robbery at home of Mark Cavendish

Burglars face combined prison time of 27 years

Two men were jailed for the knifepoint robbery at the home of former world champion Mark Cavendish and his wife, Peta. The thieves stole two Richard Mille watches that were valued at value of over 1 million dollars. Romario Henry and Ali Sesay broke into Cavendish’s house in Essex, wearing balaclavas, in November of 2021.

Cav was recovering from his horrific crash at the Ghent Six-day in Essex, when the thieves showed up in the early morning. During the incident, the Intruders threatened to stab the Manx Missile.
Henry and Sesay denied the two counts of robbery but were felt guilty following the trial. On Tuesday, Henry, 31 was sentenced to 15 years and Sesay, 28 to 12 years.

As he sentenced them, Judge David Turner spoke to the two defendants.

“This was planned, targeted, orchestrated, ruthless offending aimed at an internationally known sportsman and his wife who happened to be brand ambassadors for exceptionally valuable Richard Mille watches,” he said.

The sentiment was similar to what police said following the burglary. “This was undoubtedly a targeted incident at the home of a celebrated British Olympian, who at the time was recovering from significant injuries resulting from a crash whilst competing, which was well publicized. Our investigation is moving along at pace and we are following a number of lines of inquiry as we seek to catch those responsible,” a spokesperson for the Essex police said.

How on earth did Mark Cavendish get linked to Human Powered Health?

Cavendish had a busy off-season, to say the least. Following the collapse of the B&B Hotels team, where the multiple TdF stage winner was to ride in 2023, Cav had to find a team. After months of rumors and speculation he finally landed on the Astana-Qazaqstan team.