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UCI tightens grip on handlebar width

International cycling body sets minimum size for the component

Photo by: Sirotti

If you’ve been watching pro races this year, you’ll notice that more and more riders are using narrower bars, in an effort to be more aero. Some bars flare out such that the hoods are anywhere several millimeters in from the hooks.

There was always a maximum width for bars of 500 mm, but as Wednesday, the minimum is 350 mm.
In a press release with new tech rules, the clarification read as follows: “The minimum overall width (outside to outside) of traditional handlebars (road events) and base bars (road and track events) is limited to 350 mm.”

The UCI just made it a lot harder to cheat in a time trial next year

Several riders will have to modify their bars following the new rule, including Taco van der Hoorn who quite famously had a handlebar that measured in at just 300 mm from hood to hood.