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UCI Track Champions League launches live data app

Displays live power, heart rate, speed, and cadence data of riders

Photo by: UCI

The UCI unveiled a Track Champions League app Thursday that will show power, heart rate, cadence and speed from all racers during competition.

The app is powered by the the track league’s global data partner, AWS, and promises to deliver an immersive fan experience that has up to now not been available to cycling fans. It will allow you to monitor performance data and profiles of riders in real time, thus providing unique insights into the world’s best track riders.

Last round of the UCI track Champions League in Israel cancelled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions

The UCI is using its track champions league to try and make cycling more accessible and interesting to sports fans, by using short events on track to create television-friendly sporting events. The app is part of the international body’s attempt to try and get more people engaged with bike racing.

The third and fourth editions of the new UCI Track Champions League are Friday and Saturday in London. Tel Aviv was supposed to be the fifth and final round on December 11. It however has been cancelled Thursday due to Israel’s travel bans as a result of the new Omicron Covid-19 variant.

The app will let you see power, speed, heart rate, and cadence during the events. You can even compare two different riders’ data. There’s also a “Feel Heartbeat” option, which uses your phones’ vibration function to actually “feel” the live heartbeat of a rider.