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Unbound organizers: If you bend or cut your numbers, you may be DQ’d

A stern warning to riders that they could get the boot if they mess with the race plates

Unbound organizers: If you bend or cut your numbers, you may be DQed

Don’t mess around with your race plate, or else, according to the organizers of Unbound. The famous gravel race, similar to MTB racing, uses the plates which are attached to the front of competitor’s bars.

In a video posted to the Unbound Gravel account, there are some strict warnings to riders who don’t follow the guidance of how to attach the plates.

Do it right, or you’re turfed

“If you wrap your plate, the timing chips on the back cannot be read by our timing mats and could result in disqualification,” the caption reads.

The organizers go on to say that athlete race plates must be affixed to the front of the handlebars. Furthermore, they must not be bent, folded, wrapped around the head tube. Or in any other position than flat against the handlebars.

Timing chips won’t register

“Improper attachment of the race plate will cause timing chips not to register and may be cause for disqualification,” the organizers warn.

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It’s common to see athletes cut or fold their plates to make them less bulky. Given the speed of the races with the pros, along with the emphasis on being more aero, it’s something riders to cut down on drag on the front end.

Better race plates are needed, riders think

Many cyclists disagreed with the PSA from the organizers. “It’s 2024 and a $300 race entry still demands you put a wind catcher on the front of your bike or else. SMH,” Brian Runnells replied.

Some asked why the race plate just be a traditional paper number you pin on, like in road races.

Redesign needed?

One rider suggested that the race plates need a redesign. “Be the first event organizer to redesign front number plates and make them aero/smaller/attractive,” econ2001 posted. “The PSA is a bit much and the arbitrariness of “could” is ridiculous. Your pros deserve a race plate that doesn’t negate their efforts to be as aero as possible. Your amateurs deserve specific and easy-to-comply with rules that don’t terrify them, and we deserve better Unbound content than a ludicrously silly PSA about not folding an 8”x11” ugly race plate.”

The 2024 Unbound Gravel race takes place May 30-June 2.