World elite men’s cyclocross champion Wout Van Aert and compatriot Ellen Van Loy took big wins of the season in Sunday’s fourth round of the Superprestige series on a muddy course in Gavere, Belgium. Van Aert evens the Superprestige series with van der Poel at two wins a piece. Van der Poel has also won all three World Cups and one of the two DVV Trofee races. The elite women’s side has seen much more parity: Belgian Van Loy is the sixth different rider to win in ten World Cup, Superprestige and DVV Trofee contests in the first two months of the cyclocross season.

Van Loy defeated Brit Nikki Brammeier in a sprint to take the victory, the first Superprestige elite women’s race not claimed by Dutchwoman Maud Kaptheijns. Brammeier won Saturday’s Jaarmarktcross in Niel, Belgium as well and has been on three of the four Superprestige podiums.

Brammeier’s husband, who races for Aqua Blue Sport, weighed in with a subjective assessment of the contest.

It looked like new European champion van der Poel was on his way to another ho-hum triumph in the elite men’s race when he suffered mechanical problems on the final lap and Van Aert was able to make up 30-seconds to pass his Dutch rival. Van der Poel also crashed and needed stitches in his knee. Toon Aerts was runner-up while van der Poel came third, 1:17 behind the winner.

The fourth round of the World Cup is on Sunday in Bogense, Denmark and the fifth is Saturday, November 25 in Zeven, Germany.

Here’s all the results of the three series so far.

September 17 World Cup Jinglecross, Iowa
Men 1) Van der Poel 2) Sweeck 3) Hermans
Women 1) Nash 2) Keough 3) Cant

September 24 World Cup Waterloo, Wisconsin

Men 1) Van der Poel 2) Van Kessel 3) Soete
Women 1) Cant 2) Keough 3) Noble

October 1 Superprestige Gieten

Men 1) van der Poel 2) Van Aert 3) Sweeck
Women 1) Kaptheijns 2) Brammeier 3) de Boer

October 8 DVV Trofee GP Mario de Clercq, Ronse

Men 1) van der Haar 2) Van der Poel 3) Van Aert
Women 1) Compton 2) Kaptheijns 3) Wyman

October 15 Superprestige Zonhoven

Men 1) van der Poel 2) Van Aert 3) van der Haar
Women 1) Kaptheijns 2) Cant 3) Brammeier

October 21 Superprestige Niels Albert, Boom
Men 1) van Aert 2) Sweeck 3) van der Haar
Women 1) Kaptheijns 2) Cant 3) Annemarie Worst

October 22 World Cup Koksijde

Men 1) van der Poel 2) van der Haar 3) Van Aert
Women 1) Kaptheijns 2) de Boer 3) Cant

October 29 Superprestige Ruddervoorde
Men 1) van der Poel 2) Van Aert 3) van der Haar
Women 1) Kaptheijns 2) Brand 3) Cant

November 1 DVV Trofee Kopenbergcross, Oudenaarde

Men 1) van der Poel 2) Van Aert 3) van der Haar
Women 1) Wyman 2) Compton 3) Verschueren

November 12 Superprestige Gavere

Men 1) van Aert 2) Aerts 3) van der Poel
Women 1) van Loy 2) Brammeier 3) Van De Steene

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