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Man on bike throws feces at car in downtown Victoria

Altercation following a minor collision escalates quickly before taking an unexpected turn

poop flinger via youtube
poop flinger via youtube
Screen grab from a bystander’s video, posted on Reddit

A minor altercation between a man on a bicycle and a motorist in downtown Victoria, B.C. quickly escalated into a disturbing incident this week.

Bystander video captured what appeared to be a minor collision between a cyclist and driver at the intersection of Cook St. and Yates St. near the city centre. The man was first verbally abusive toward the woman, who had locked herself in her car, reports the Columbia Valley Pioneer, before throwing his own feces at the vehicle.

The man then appears to ram his bike into the cars headlights before riding away.

Const. Matt Rutherford told the Times Colonist the driver of the vehicle and bystanders acted appropriately in not reacting to the man.

“The driver of the vehicle remained in the vehicle, locked her door, closed her windows,” Rutherford told the T.C.. “And several bystanders were able to assist by calling 911, getting pictures of the suspect as well as filming the incident. So people are just encouraged to call us as soon as possible, and we can come and do our jobs.”

If you really need to, you can view the disturbing video, originally posted on Reddit below

Interesting incident at Yates and Cook caught on camera – Man throws his own poop at car that may have knocked him off his bike and then proceeds to smash right turn signal before fleeing the scene from r/VictoriaBC

Unbelievably, this isn’t the first, or only recent feces flinging incident.

It could be a cyclist thing. Over in the U.K. in April, 2017 a man in Gloucester allegedly lobbed his poop at a car after being honked at for riding erratically.

Or it could be a B.C. thing. In May, 2018 a woman was arrested in a Langley, B.C. Tim Hortons for throwing feces at staff after being asked to leave the establishment.

Then there was Colorado Springs, Colo. “Mad Pooper” incident later in 2017. The woman later apologized through a family representative.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, I never want to have to write another headline about flying feces again.