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Was this bicycle a violation of Parliamentary rules?

Drama followed today's Question Period

Photo by: CPAC

Zoom calls are part of our everyday lives now. You can be judged by how many or how few books are in the background, or if you, you know, forgot your pants. Today in “things that make people mad on Zoom,” a bike was the culprit.

Following Question Period, Conservative MP Ed Fast put a point of order to say the bicycle that was seen in frame when Steven Guilbeault on video was a prop, and unparliamentary. Guilbeault is the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.

Fast suggested that the only reason the bike was visible was because Guilbeault was “presumably trying to make a statement about his environmental cred.”

NDP MP Daniel Blaikie then followed up by rising on a point of order to say that “only a Conservative could see a bicycle as a partisan symbol.”

You can watch the clip in question here on CPAC

Still, it looks like a pretty cool purple Marinoni.