Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma left a trail of destruction in it’s wake across the Caribbean and United States. A total of 45 deaths were reported in the Caribbean while the U.S. suffered 39. Florida was the worst hit region in the U.S. with the hurricane tracking directly across the state after making landfall on Sept. 10. Post storm, cyclists headed out to see the trail of destruction it left in it’s wake.

On Sept. 11, Florida riders of the Facebook page Gravel Cyclist headed out in post-Irma Gainesville to see the damage the hurricane left. They found a small creek to have been transformed into a wide flow, what they even go so far as calling a river. Streets were flooded and a local bike shop dodged the worst of the storm seeing only minor water damage. A local trail appears to be in pretty good condition all things considered.

A few days later on Sept. 15, drone footage shows flooded roads. On Saturday, the Gravel Cyclist riders headed out again on trails that appear to be in very good condition. They managed to ride over 160 km on trails and road. Though a downed tree and fallen branches had them walking certain section, the Gainsville region may have dodged the worst of the damage.

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