The latest by the now-infamous bike shop Dafne Fixed in Rimini, Italy is a fireworks cannon stunt to downright terrify motorists but it’s also extremely dangerous and illegal so you shouldn’t try it at home.

The video shows a scooter driver getting in front of a cyclist who has a cardboard cannon mounted on the bike’s top tube using a lot of clear tape. The cyclist pulls a firework out and loads the canon as the scooter riders continue to harass the cyclist, one dramatically waving his arms. The firework is finally lit. The show then starts as one, then a second and a third firework is loaded and shot toward the scooter. The cyclist, yelling obscenities, loads a roman candle and the fireworks go shooting up the road.

The scooter is seemingly hit and the riders abandon leaving it on the side of the road. One of the scooter riders sprawls to the ground and lies motionless as the other runs away as the fireworks continue to rain down.

A reminder, Dafne Fixed are responsible for these viral stunts so take this one with a grain of salt:

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