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Watch Annemiek van Vleuten’s absolutely bonkers crash in the first 100 m at the mixed relay

The Dutch rider had a disastrous race

Annamiek Van Vleuten crashes at the worlds mixed relay

Things went off the rails early for the Dutch mixed relay team at the 2022 UCI road worlds on Wednesday. The women set off on their portion of the ride, but it only took a few seconds before disaster struck. The winner of all three Grand Tours this year took a spill just 100 m off the starting ramp. It seems like her front tire exploded which caused her to lose control of her back and hit the deck.

An incredible 2022: Annemiek van Vleuten won all three Grand Tours this year

After the crash, some were concerned that she had fractured her elbow. But according to the Dutch super star herself, that’s thankfully not the case. “Stable fracture elbow, no surgery needed. I am allowed to ride my bike, but depends on pain and needs to be sensible. Hope I can sleep,” she tweeted later.

Check out the brutal crash below.